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Nice day today.

Nice facility, nice opposing coaches, nice opposing team, nice day, and nice efforts by our girls making more of their first ventures into possessional soccer.

Outstanding efforts by both Southpaw and Taz today. Southpaw received numerous passes w/ her back at goal, trapped well, then scanned the field a la a basketball point guard b/f distributing pass after pass. Excellent first half especially, and easily her best game of the year to date. Also Taz had her best effort so far this season--and by a mile! She denied player after player on defense, tackling very well and just basically being a brick wall back on defense. Excellent effort on her part.

Numerous other solid efforts today--a very nice team win. Great to see more and more moments where two or three or more passes are strung together in a relatively quick manner. Your girls are on the road to possessional soccer, and their momentum is gaining.

Areas to work on: clearly the girls need to be taught how to be creative in the offensive third more, how to develop width in transition, and how to work through the middle of the field and not just try to get around the wings. Nevertheless, great betwixt and between space to have them in, and lightyears away from where they were just months ago. Be very proud of them.


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