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Prevention of Injury and Enhancement of Performance (PEP) is a very important topic for girls and parents of daughters in athletics. After my time at the CYSA North Expo in March and much independent study, I firmly am entrenched in the camp advocating an early, aggressive, core strengthening PEP routine for my teams. 

As a result, your girls "dynamic stretching" routines are much more than that this year... PEP is part core strengthening; part plyometrics (speed training); part redefining the basics of the girls' tendencies jumping, landing, planting, and bending; and part enhancing overall dexterity.

Have a look at the PEP programs in the "Links" section. My commitment to this program won't reap benefits in a few months, but rather in years, and your commitment to it for your daughters (in the offseason) would be greatly appreciated. If you have only time to look, read, and/or delve into one of the links, choose this one:


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