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Here are the links to the two fields we'll play at this weekend (Nov. 6th and 7th). 

We play at Larchmont Community Park #15 our first game, then shift to Granite Park #12 for our next two games.

We will meet at Larchmont Park #15 at 8:20am Saturday morning, NOT Granite Park as I had feared. 

Our second and third games this weekend, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, will be at Granite Park.

Here are the links:

Granite Park...
8200 Ramona Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95826)

Larchmont Community Park (Field #15)
(Linda Rio Drive at Whitewater Way, Sacramento, CA 95826)

I'll send this out as an email as a courtesy to all you punks who never read it. I just talked to one girl on the team that has never even seen our team website--after 3 months! 

See you Saturday around 8:20am at Larchmont Community Park. Have your girls excited, amped, and ready to rumble!

09/25/2012 10:55pm

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