Benicia   Arsenal   FC  2000
Changed the format of the Home page from traditional web page to Blog... This should allow me an opportunity to publish an ongoing journal for the team while organizing photos, videos, links and all other team related information on separate Menus at the top of the website.

You can also comment on any post on the Blog, so your experience of the site and opinions are valued. Feel free to post away... but I'll maintain control over any posts that are in poor taste and/or inappropriate for "family tastes."

The Blog format also allows me to organize posts into categories, which will allow you and/or your daughters to access just soccer-related posts or just game news/articles. This obviously won't make a difference early on in the website, but will become more and more important as the months go by... which are also automatically organized into Archives.

So, copy and pasted my earlier posts from the previous homepage. Onward into blogging...

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