Benicia   Arsenal   FC  2000
Super practice yesterday girls...! In sweltering 102+ degree heat (Coach Shaggy had us at 106 at one point, the girls were absolutely giddy and full of uncontrollable energy during the entire two-hour practice.

O'Hara worked on her breaststroke, Pantera and Zizou raced freestyle, Fury and Southpaw played a fun game jumping off the diving board in silly ways... outstanding. Solo made it and couldn't stop smiling, and Riley even made it w/ both her sisters. Good Stuff.

Hustle dimes to all the girls who showed up yesterday to the Southampton Swim Club. Eight girls made it. Also, an extra two bonus hustle dimes to Fury, who showed up to "practice" w/ her Arsenal practice shirt on over her swimsuit. One extra one for Rocky too, who came but just hung out w/ us coaches. That was pretty nice of her to take care of us like that.

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