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Noon kickoff on a very warm Indian Summer afternoon. Girls had to wear red pinnies b/c I never checked the Castro Valley website to see if there was any color conflicts. Part of the team administration stuff I don't do the best or most organized job with/at...

Anyways, game was weird today. After kickoff I thought the girls were going to really put on a strong showing, and they did--but only for the first half. The best part of this was that there were a # of girls playing in positions that aren't necessarily their favorites, and yet the girls still had excellent moments passing and possessing the ball. 

That brings me to our team defense in League matches, which has been very strong overall. Through seven league games the girls have only allowed six goals, and have posted three shutouts and the near shutout yesterday. 

The midfielders commitment to getting back on defense time after time this season has been nothing short of tremendous, in addition to the excelling play of our defenders and their tackling and sheperding skills.

Accordingly, one of our key team challenges is to teach our girls how to build up the field in the transitional middle of the field using width and quick pinging passes and possession. The girls are so close to this, but we still haven't seen them do this on a consistent basis. 

Another great team win though... makes me believe the last month of the season is going to have some really exciting soccer.

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