Benicia   Arsenal   FC  2000
One of the things we do at practice to motivate the girls is reward great hustle plays--individual or team--with "Hustle Dimes." At the end of every practice or two I drag out the "Hustle Dime Jar" (which is a converted pickle jar) and get out the plastic bag of dimes inside it. If girls have earned a hustle dime I give them each a dime to go in the team jar.

Near or at the end of the season the girls will get to use whatever is in the Hustle Dime Jar to go to ... ice cream as a team. They will be limited to only what is in the jar, no more, no less than what they earned hustling as a team (For last year's girls, don't worry, you WILL get what you earn and this year's Hustle Dime Jar won't disappear like last year's).

Early on in the practices, we joked w/ the girls that "you have enough hustle dimes to share one, two, or three ice cream cones between the twelve of you." 

Well, I just counted the earned dimes in the Hustle Dime Jar. Girls, you've earned 157 hustle dimes (and one penny from Coach Jason). That translates into $15.71. That means 157 times you girls have been rewarded for great team play and individual acts of determination, courage, kindness, and plain out hustle so far this season.

Keep it up and you girls will be earning double scoops in no time, and maybe (eventually, w/ lots of hard work, determination, and hustle) you'll even get to Sundaes for every one of you!

Like everything else, I'll periodically update the Hustle Dime total periodically. I added it as a Category at right and you can just click on it to check the latest update on the girls' total. (BTW, if you have some extra dimes laying around your house, send them in w/ your girl in a plastic bag... I'll GLADLY add them to the dimes I've supplied. I already bought all the dimes from both my ki).

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