Benicia   Arsenal   FC  2000
Thankfully the weather dropped from the high 90s into the high 80s/low 90s for practice last night. The girls still had their fifth water fight of the year though... and second where it was hot enough for them to tag each other with water balloons, not just the coaches like the first three.

Yesterday we worked on throw-ins and receiving different kinds of throw-ins; worked on half-volley control (controlling balls out of the air); and thigh trapping.

Then we worked on the beginning of the three main types of long passes (driving the ball/pinging; bending the ball; and aerial passes). Bending the ball really threw all the girls for a loop. Many were the "I don't know how to Coach" type calls, but we'll remain committed to this so the girls (just like juggling, Maradonna Rolls, or other Coerver moves) eventually become better and fundamentally sound at these important soccer skills.

We'll work up to long distance aerial balls. Yesterday we began by working on just learning how to chip the ball to a partner.

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