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So, after last weekend's first NorCal Cup game I realized there were/are three NorCal Cup Seeding games and three official coaches of our team -- not to denigrate all the great contributions from all of our non-official coaches and trainers. Anyways, I thought all three games should be coached by each one of us.

Giving the girls three different coaches (albeit for one game each) should nevertheless give the girls a stronger sense of how important their own compass is out on the pitch as well as in relation to the team. They will become better players in the long run for having different coach approaches in the short run.

To make a long story short, I coached last week's game, and today's game was coached by Coach Jason, leaving the last Seeding game to be coached by Coach John in early October.

Having said that, Coach Jason clearly drew the short straw against a well-coached Mustang team. Our girls looked like they were unfortunate victims of the heat -- especially as compared to the morning game -- but there were several girls who shined nonetheless. 

Certainly O'Hara shined... being heady and creative w/ the ball, and putting in the across-the-board aggressive 50-50 ball tackling that is so key in games against well-coached teams like the Sabercats. Marta and Jedi did well too to keep the Sabercats out of the goal until deep into the second half. 

Rocky too should be singled out for her great pace and wonderful, team-oriented hustle over the course of the game, never slackening on her commitment to being on both sides of the pitch. She did a masterful job against the best attacker (by my estimation) from the Sabercats, winning 50-50 balls against her not only fairly, but despite her opponent's insistence of raising her arm and shoving whenever she knew she was going to lose (yet again) a struggle for the ball. Great job Rocky.

Ali had a solid performance as well. She is on the bubble of becoming a much better player every week. 

Also, Kamikaze is becoming a solid, well-rounded soccer player too. Wow. She is making great strides and is a pleasure to watch in her ever-"downhill" approach to the beautiful game.

So, where does that leave us? Basically, I look forward to the time when the girls really, truly "get it" w/ regards to team play. This afternoon's melting heat should not define them by any means, but their heart should, and I saw some solid heart out there today.

With the win this morning and loss this afternoon, our overall record, fwiw, is 6-4-1.

What will we work on now, you ask? In space the girls must commit themselves to the assertive, creative pass in the attacking third. We'll work on that, certainly. 

We'll also work on tightening our defense and forcing our opponents to beat us by exemplary team play, not just 1v1 play. 

Our midfield will work on transition play of course, but also on combination play w/ the center and switching the point of attack through them. The girls are doing a wonderful overall job given where they are... be certain to support and compliment their efforts!

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