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Benicia Arsenal FC 2000 has raised NEARLY $5,000 this year to help our girls reach every bit of potential they can reach as soccer players. Our goal this year was $5,000, and several weeks ago the team surpassed their goals. This web page will be the transparent journal of our daughters' efforts (w/ their families) to work together to raise the funds to work towards one unified goal. More very soon!!!

So here is the listing of our team account w/ descriptions of each purchase. I purposely did not include minor bank service charges. Both Leslie and I have copies of our bank statements, which either of us will gladly show to any of you who would like to see them.

Our fundraising, as of 10/16/10, is as follows:

$ 2,763.77
+   750.00 (from Wells Fargo)
$ 5593.12
- 1,250.00 (to pay WFC for chocolate)
$ 4343.12

AND two checks we're waiting to cash:
$250 -- from a client of Jamie Smith (thanks Jamie)
$94.40 -- the amount from Jamba Juice

for a grand total (currently) of $ 4,687.52

When I initially told the team we'd met our $5,000 goal, I included the $802.75 deposit as fundraising, and Leslie corrected me -- only $142.75 of that was officially from fundraising. But, if you consider that we were reimbursed the full $600 for our NorCal Cup fees from BYSL, it is either like playing in a free tournament or you could say like $600 more for our coffers. Either way, outstanding job from everyone on the team that has helped fundraise this year... and a special thank you to both Ben and Connie Diaz for leading us down this path.

October 2010

$250 -- donation from client of Jamie Smith (thanks Jamie)
$94.40 -- Fundraising check from Kicknic from Jamba Juice

$378.30 -- Portable 6'6'' x 18' Bownet (so a goal is up at each practice)

(Expected: costs for the girls' Halloween Tournament Costumes and Tournament Team Event)

September 2010

9/15 -- $402.59 -- Fundraising from BYSL Kicknic (bake sale + chocolate bar sale) plus one coaches jersey payment
9/27 -- $750 -- Sponsorship from Wells Fargo

9/14 -- $500 -- Tournament Fees for MVU Kick or Treat Halloween weekend

Balance at end of month: $ 3,023.80

August 2010

8/30 -- $500 -- Fundraising donation from Valero (thanks Ben!)

8/23 -- $275 -- Tournament Fees for Diablo FC Summer Challenge
8/26 -- $147.45 -- Reimbursement to Michael Jacobs for Motivational Patch order (I ordered over 450 patches)
8/26 -- $25 -- Reimbursement to Michael Jacobs for half of the referee costs for our scrimmage against Sonoma Sol
8/27 -- $640 -- Reimbursement to Jim Lindemuth for the Arsenal practice kit package we purchased for each girl (two practice shirts + 1 hooded sweatshirt) plus 3 coaches jerseys that each coach paid for himself (we all gave Leslie $30 each and she deposited this $90 in her deposit of 9/15 w/ the proceeds from our BYSL Kicknic fundraising

Balance at end of month: $2,366.21

July 2010

7/14 -- $1,064.01 -- Fundraising
7/29 -- $802.75 -- Fundraising portion $142.75 from Roundtable Pizza Takeover + $600 reimbursement from BYSL + $60 payment from coaches for 2 coaches' jerseys

7/23 -- $806.00 -- Uniform Order w/ Extras (socks, sweatsuit, extra home jersey, etc.)
7/26 -- $240.58 -- Reimbursement to Kelsey Mathews for all the wonderful crafts that the girls had every day of their week-long soccer camp; Remember that you parents paid $0 for a soccer camp this year, so I asked Kelsey if she could do crafts w/ the kids and she did an AMAZING job. Kelsey managed to drop-off two craft tables the coaches pulled down every day from up the hill against a Robert Semple classroom and then the girls had roughly a 45 minute session every day where they made soccer-themed crafts (Camp was three hours long, so the middle hour we broke up w/ these crafts along w/ icy snacks brought by coaches or a couple parents--thanks Jim L. and Ben D.)
7/30 -- $200 -- Paid for team pizza dinner at Santa Cruz Breakers Cup Saturday evening (paid to Kelsey who organized it for us--thanks Kelsey)

Balance at end of month: $2,958.66

June 2010

This is when we began to deposit fundraising funds: I'll keep a separate total of just fundraising funds at the top of this page for convenience, but you can check by month if you'd like...

6/1 -- $294.00 -- Uniform Order Checks or first WFC Chocolate Bar Fundraiser Deposit
6/21 -- $2,763.77 -- Fundraising (but remember that we received the WFC Chocolate Bars on Consignment and had to pay $1,250 for them); this would include the Raley's Shopping Center BBQ and Raffle along w/ WFC Sales).

6/7 -- $600.00 -- Registration for NorCal Cup Tournament
6/8 -- $181.29 -- Reimbursement to Michael Jacobs for US Club Player and Coach Registration Fees (must be paid online w/ Credit/Debit Card) and the team 6 person sideline chair I picked up through the CYSA Expo Spring Fair
6/15 -- $2,500 -- Payment to BYSL for Team Player Registrations
6/24 -- $1,250 -- Reimbursement to WFC for 52 boxes of Chocolate Bars (50 per box); we had to pay for 50 and I negotiated 2 free boxes (i.e. $100) free

Balance at end of month: $2,335.08

April and May 2010

All money deposited and debited from parents paying for three key areas:

1) $250 Arsenal player registration fees;

2) $100 Team Tournament Fund fee; and 

3) Various amounts depending on if parents ordered uniform kits (b/c of our five returning players). Uniform kits were $95 this year, and many parents ordered extra socks, etc.

May 2010:

5/4 -- $702.00 -- Uniform Order Checks

5/4 -- $450 -- Santa Cruz Breakers Cup Fees

Balance at end of month: $3,863.60

April 2010:

4/21 -- $860.00 -- Parent Fee Deposits
4/26 -- $2,750.00 -- Parent Fee Deposits

$1.60 (Bank Service Charge per mo.) -- I will not include anymore of these service charges and you can check these by way of statement copies. [I have copies of all statements from April through mid-September, as does Leslie our team treasurer.]

Balance at end of month: $3,608.40

Fundraising Sponsors

This page will also act as a thank you to all our team sponsors (as well as our homepage). We will document and thank all of our team sponsors, no matter how large or small, so that everyone sponsoring our team's efforts is thanked for their efforts and donations. Check back soon for more!