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Joining the National Standards Project w/ iSoccer...


At the CYSA Expo in January (2011), I learned about a new program called iSoccer that is creating a National Standards Project for evaluating core soccer skills across the United States.

Our team will be joining this project, and each player on our team will be tested several times this year using this program.

Each player will get their own account and be able to track their progress throughout the year against their teammates and against players their own age from all-around the nation!

From the website:


iSoccer is a revolutionary program that leverages technology, assessment and competition to motivate players, coaches and clubs to raise their technical level. 

iSoccer is a PHILOSOPHY

Technical development should be the primary focus for youth players.Technical ability can be measured.Technical improvement is dependent on the amount and efficiency of training time.Setting and achieving tangible goals builds confidence and reinforces positive behavior.Competition motivates players to train harder.

iSoccer is a METHODOLOGY

Assess:Know your level.
Analyze:Identify strengths and weaknesses.
Target:Set goals and create a targeted training program.
Train:Download your training sessions and Make it Happen!