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2011 Schedule

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(First, please read the "Playing Time" and "Coaching Philosophy" sections under the "About" menu at top...)

Probable Schedule Format -- What to Expect

Here is how the Schedule should look, generally speaking:


  • We may or may not play in NorCal Spring League -- dependent upon player/family interest (completely voluntary)
  • In Mid-May we will play in the Concord Cup, our first official Tournament

  • Summer practice will begin in earnest at the beginning of June
  • We will play in one NorCal PlayDay (one-day 3 game "jamboree") in June
  • We will try to schedule at least several Scrimmages over June and July


  • We will most likely play in our second tournament in mid- to late-July; it may or may not be an Out-of-Area tournament; Last year our goal was to go to at least "OOA" tournament
  • We may play in a second NorCal PlayDay in July

  • We may or may not go to an August tournament (our third)
  • We will definitely schedule scrimmages for August
  • BYSL Opening Day (Saturday, Aug. 21st) -- our team will march, take team pics, compete in the SoccerFest, and have a team fundraiser
  • We may or may not play NorCal Cup First Round Seeding Games near the end of the month


  • NorCal Fall League Games will begin the weekend after Labor Day and run through early November (mid- if make-up games needed)
  • NorCal Cup Seeding Games will be interspersed
  • There are tournament weekends the last weekend of September and October -- our team may or may not go to a tournament during one of these two weekends, but definitely not both. We will give you an idea asap which one of these will be "free" to plan a family weekend devoid of all things soccer if you'd like

  • Second Round and Quarterfinals of NorCal Cup...