Benicia   Arsenal   FC  2000

Team Fundraising for Benicia Arsenal FC 2000


There is no doubt select soccer costs can become exorbitant. Look around at other clubs, and you'll note that costs for elite teams can run upwards of $2,000-$3,000 per year.

Our philosophy is to work together, as a team, to defray these costs and enrich the individual player experience as well as the team experience through fundraising. This is a communal effort, and we fully expect all team families to contribute to fundraising as much as possible. This is part of each players' investment in the team, and tremendous team chemistry is a wonderful ancillary result of these team efforts.


Just like last year, we hope to raise funds in four key ways:

  1. Actual Fundraisers -- Last year we a) sold 52 boxes of WFC Chocolate Bars; b) had multiple Restaurant Takeovers; c) had a BBQ/Raffle; d) had a Car Wash; etc.
  2. Team Fundraiser on BYSL's Opening Day/Kicknic
  3. Sponsors from Family and Friends
  4. Sponsors from the community -- businesses, etc.


Our goal, like last year, is to complete team fundraisers (the Opening Day Team Fundraiser the exception) by July 1st. This means an emphasis on Spring and late spring in particular.


This year, once again, Ben and Connie Diaz (Antonia's parents) will spearhead our team fundraising efforts. As soon as our second team meeting we hope to have a preliminary plan for team fundraising.

To Potential Sponsors of Benicia Arsenal FC 2000:

Please enjoy our team website. Under our "Contact" menu above please note we have a "Sponsor Form" you can download and send in... we appreciate your time and consideration in sponsoring our great bunch of girls on their journey to play soccer at ever-higher levels!

Coach Michael