Benicia   Arsenal   FC  2000
The girls defeated the Northstars away today 6-0.

Pantera contributed w/ an "excellent"--albeit brief--contribution in goal. Southpaw, Rocky, and Zizou all put in goals today (Pantera didn't get one--thanks Cindy!), and there were solid contributions at "D" by Zizou, Taz, Jedi, Marta, and O'Hara.

Overall, on a slick field many girls showcased good 1 v 1 form and produced when necessary. Having two strikers and four midfielders allowed Rocky to get the ball free of defenders on the wing and do some serious damage, as she collected a hat-trick today.

Congratulations to all the girls, and a special thank you to Marta's parents for the (awesome senorita buns before and) wonderful Arsenal-themed treat bags after the game!

The win improves Arsenal FC 2000's league record to 7-0-2 w/ one game remaining, way out in mid-November. The next few weeks ramp up the girls excitement and competition to a crescendo w/ the MVU Kick or Treat Halloween Tournament in Fremont, followed by the NorCal Cup Round-Robin and Quarterfinals the first weekend in November.

Cindy Bettencourt
10/23/2010 6:42pm

Sorry Michael but Ellie didn't make a goal today.There were so many goal today and it was a great game!!!! Julia 2, Robin 3, and Mo 1. Great job girls!!!!


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