Benicia   Arsenal   FC  2000
Parents and friends of our team should know... the girls that played truly played their hearts out during the rematch. We fell short in the end off an own-goal, but our girls played with great hustle, winning the majority of 50-50 balls and doing outstanding despite not having subs on defense.

A couple highlights of the game:

Pantera's beautiful dribble down the right wing and beautiful ping-pass back to an oncoming Riley who one-touched it w/ power. Nine times out of ten that is a goal--the keeper was a bit lucky to stick her arms up and deflect it; and...

Jedi, who instinctively demonstrated another very mature soccer move for a defender--settling a ball w/ attackers steaming at her, keeping her head, then turning and passing the ball to Makahla and switching the point of attack in so doing... beautiful.

In addition to these beautiful individual moves, an outstanding overall game was played by Rocky. She left 100% out on the field, ever hustling and ever giving outstanding effort. Kudos to player of the match Rocky!

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