Benicia   Arsenal   FC  2000
On Monday all twelve girls made it to Berkeley for our Labor Day scrimmage against the Berkeley Mavericks. 

The team won the game handily, and all the girls had opportunities to play -- most in positions that they often do not normally play. This, of course, will help them play better team soccer moving forward, and increase confidence and trust moving forward.

Zizou had a good stretch in goal, "getting back on her horse," but a great stretch playing defender.  Jedi made great strides in her play at midfield, playing night and day better than the first time she played the position at the Diablo Summer Challenge. Solo and Fury had solid stints in at striker, and Southpaw played an excellent overall game.

Ali, Taz, and Kamikaze lead the attack in the first half. 

Ultimately, the girls could have played a confused, awkward game because of their (mostly) new position assignments. Instead, not only did the girls play as a team, they kept their shape and progressed together. Very proud of them for that.
Anyways, fwiw, the win brings Benicia Arsenal FC 2000's record to: 5 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie for the year.

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