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Great game today girls. Against a Montclair team well-prepared and ready for revenge, the girls played very well at times today. 

Two beautiful through ball, beautifully lead penetrating passes by Southpaw were the beginning of something greater that the girls will "get" very soon. Taz toyed around w/ the ball confidently and calmly on defense today, like a professional quarterback checking down to his fourth or fifth receiver. Raises the coaches' heartbeat surely, but is exactly the quality of an outstanding defender not to get fazed w/ the ball.

Solid goalie play, stout defense, and nice performances by Rocky, Marta, and O'Hara in midfield. O'Hara really wanted a goal today and was unlucky to not have one.

Good stuff today girls... you deserved the win. That sends us to the top of the league standings temporarily b/c we've played 8 out of our 10 league games already. 

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