Benicia   Arsenal   FC  2000
Girls... you are racking up the hustle dimes...

At last count you had 157 hustle dimes.

Coach Jason donated 100 hustle dimes to pay for bribes to the girls for not getting him wet at the last water balloon fight.

Today was the first time we doled out hustle dimes in awhile. Today the girls had earned 31 more hustle dimes, in addition to 77 more earned today alone from my ill-advised decision to reward every girl who scored a goal on me five hustle dimes.

Grand total hustle dimes to date: 365 hustle dimes... or $36.50. Girls, right now your at over $3 per girl, or a waffle cone each! Keep it up girls and maybe, just maybe you'll each earn a sundae by the end of the season.

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